How Can You Bond with Your Baby

Kids are a blessing to every family that is why all parents are overwhelmed with joy and happiness as they imagine they are having a new member in the family. Bonding is the feeling of attachment and the instant desire to show unconditional love, care and protection between the parent and the baby. The parent’s responsiveness towards their kid directly affects the child’s social and cognitive development, creates a sense of security and also enhances a positive self-esteem. Additionally, parents are required to do more of emotional nurturing attributes to ensuring good bonding with their kid. Below are some of the ways one can enhance effective bonding with the kid.


Feeding the baby personally

When mums are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding their babies it becomes the most natural ways on for mothers to increase the bonding feeling to their kid. Infants respond positively when someone is taking care and attention to their needs.


Baby Massage


Parents are advised to make sure they massage their babies very gently and softly on the sensitive parts of kid’s skin. It is mostly affected as a skin-to-skin care and mostly applicable when feeding or cradling your baby. The parent is expected to hold the kid against the skin in a way that one will create a good eye contact with the baby. Holding a baby for more than half an hour in a calm environment several times in a day is good enough for the parent in maintaining a good bonding practice with the kid.


Talking and singing to your baby


It is not necessary to wait until the kid learns to talk for you to start talking to him. It is very easy to entertain your kid with different sounds even if he cannot respond to what you are saying to him or her. Singing also gives the kid a calm environment and may help reverse your kid’s emotion if he is sad or crying. When the kid grows, one can also advance to be telling giving stories such as bedtime stories.


Supportive environment


Read the next article on how to decorate your bedroom with no money. If your partner and other family members are continually offering support during the kid’s early stages, it will really play a key role in ensuring the parents get maximum time to bond with the kids. Taking care of a baby requires a number of things done therefore if other family members and friends take up housework tasks such as cleaning and preparing meals, the mother is highly likely to have more bonding time with the baby.


Play games with your baby


Playing with toys and other games such as hide and seek helps the kid to learn that her parent will always be there for her and will help one realize how a kid reacts to challenging situations. The more games you play the more you give your kid a sense of trust in you and have memorable fun moments together. By this, one will share the rest of their lives together.